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We are group of students, alumni, and faculty at Macalester College.


For the summer 2021 iteration of The Political Geography of Urban Public Spaces course, our class, with the help of research associate Becca Gallandt, expanded the Field Guide by including new and building upon existing case studies as well as integrating a different method of analysis of public space: the OMAI model. The following participants created the 2021 iteration of the Field Guide:

From left: (back) Ama Kyereme, Sam Ding, Becca Gallandt, Grace Jones, Karson Hegrenes, Seth Buikema, Dan Trudeau (front) Anna Turner, Eva Birkholz, Zoé Tkaczyk, Maura Haas, Rose Giblin-Vance, Christine Justiniano
Becca Gallandt

Becca worked as a research assistant for Professor Dan Trudeau, providing technical assistance for the course. She helped students communicate the results of their research in this  Field Guide. 

We are grateful for the contributions of many people. We’d like to thank Maurina Rondeau, Lauryn Klancke, Nathan Johnson, Amanda Coen, Kyle Gename, and Holly Barcus.


Working together during June and July of 2020, geography student Elliot Wareham and professor Dan Trudeau conducted research and authored the study on COVID-19 and the end of public space.

Dan Trudeau

Elliot Wareham


Working together in the 2018 iteration of the course, The Political Geography of Urban Public Spaces, the following participants created this field guide and focused on preparing the case studies.

From left: (back) Lucy Sageser, Michael Wood, Henry Nieberg, David Black, (front) Ellie Hohulin, Julia Bayer, Ceren Dolma, Dan Trudeau

We are grateful for the contributions of many people. Cindy Zerger, Don Ganje, Nathan Johnson, Alice Messer, Andy Flamm, Kristine Miller, Amanda Lovelee, Patrick Boylan, and Bill Lindeke helped shape our understanding of public spaces in St. Paul. Samantha Trelstad, Andrew Dresdner, Christian Huelsman, Nathan Johnson, Bill Lindeke, Bill Moseley, and Barbara Laskin generously provided feedback on drafts. Bryan Murphy and Kaomi DaCruze from the St. Paul Department of Parks and Recreation provided official data used in the field guide. Last but not least, we benefitted tremendously from support from Project Pericles, The Teagle Foundation, The Eugene M. Lang Foundation, and Paul Schadewald.

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